Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with AprilDarciChristina and Natasha for Five on Friday! I LOVE reading everyone's posts every week and tell myself I'll get around to doing it but rarely do.
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Can't wait to have a girls night with my BFF, Ami and head to see Mockingjay in theaters. Ya'll, please tell me you read the books and are diehard fans like we are?!?  I've been patiently waiting since November 22, 2013 for this movie to come out. I just don't know that I'm publicly read to bawl over Finnick and Prim's death.  If you haven't seen the trailer yet, here it is!

We are going with all my cousins and their kids to see Disney on Ice this weekend in Lincoln and I couldn't be more excited. Ever since our family business closed down, everyone has moved away and taken their own paths and we don't see each other as often. And despite not ALL of the Lambert side of the family being there, its still going to be a lot of us and that makes me happy. Plus, next Wednesday we'll all be together at Grandma & Grandpas for Thanksgiving so its twice in a week which makes me even happier. Topping on the cake?! Hello, its Disney on Ice! I've never been and I think I'm just about as excited as the kids are! 

I've enrolled for my 3rd semester of college. Never did I think I'd be at this place in my life to start college at 28 or go to school for anything completely different then what I always envisioned myself doing, which was working at Lambriar. I couldn't be happier to follow my dreams of becoming a nurse, and am so proud of myself for being able to do the school thing and work full time and be a mom to 3 very busy active children. The house may be a little messier, my calendar may be fuller, I sleep a lot less and drink way too much coffee, but I'm doing it. I'll be applying for LPN school and taking my TEAS test within the next month so keep your fingers crossed and say an extra prayer for me will ya? 

How is it almost Thanksgiving and where did the month of November go? 33 days til Christmas? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays and being around family, but I hate buying gifts and stressing over where the money is going to come from and how I'll find the time to get it all done. I am TRYING to not be a Ba humbug this year, I owe that to my children. So Christmas lists and carols and decorations galore, here we come. But not until the day after Thanksgiving, or I'd be in trouble. There are strict rules about that you know. 

A friend sent me this recipe and it looks to die for. Its a must try this weekend! I'll let you know how it turns out! Soup and sweater weather is about the ONLY good thing about Winter! 


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