Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

I've never been real good with Halloween costumes. They are last minute, scrounge up whats left over at Walmart after everyone picks through everything, type costumes. This year, we were ahead of the game and despite wanting to make homemade costumes for everyone (and encouraging Lexus to be the crazy cat lady- which she refused), I'd say we did pretty good. The candy overload and tired whiney kids at the end of the night who fell asleep while sorting their candy stash made the long night worth while. We went to the truck or treat downtown after school, drove to Mahaska and Narka and then back to Belleville to hit up a few prime spots. 

Pippi Longstocking - Her Favorite Movie. My favorite costume EVER! She fits the part to a T! My mom is digging out pictures of when I was Pippi Longstocking back in the day. It will be fun to compare! Bonus? It only cost me $2 for this whole outfit! :) If your children have not been blessed to see this movie- hurry up and go buy it. RIGHT.NOW. Brooklyn was even skipping down the road singing "Life is a Breeze, we live it for fun. No apologies to anyone." 

Walking Dead Girl- Her attitude and facial expressions definitely made pulling this off easy. Funny thing is I don't know why she wanted to be this? We watched the first episode of Walking Dead and I had such a panic attack and the girls were so terrified we haven't and won't watch anymore. Yet, this is what she wanted to be. Guess the first episode made a lasting impression on her! She also won Best of Show award at a Halloween party we attended for her costume. 

Poor Pippi Longstocking- her siblings are all walkers. I think she can take care of herself though! 

Between the leg pose and the dead skin grossness, I'd say Kaleb pulled this off fairly well last minute. All we heard the whole time was he was too old and not going to dress up or go trick or treating. He ended up changing his mind. Who doesn't love candy?

Hope you and your family had a Happy Halloween!


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